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Timothea Ridgewell – The Sugar Florist


Nature driven Cake toppers

Round out the end of your wedding with beautiful cake flowers and the best cake flowers are made of sugar!

You don’t need to worry about the flowers wilting or not being in season, poisonous or slimy – you can have what ever you would like!

Each flower, leaf and bud is hand made and so the look, size and type is not limited like real flowers.

You also have the option to return them to me and I can refashion them to make a wreath or amazing bouquet to have in your home as a keepsake of the day as they last for years (when stored correctly).

I also make flowers out of fabric and so they can be used for table or room decorations as hair crowns or bouquets and button holes.

I’d love to chat about your wedding so shoot through an email or give me a call.

xx Timothea