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The Wilderness Chef


Professional Chef bring restaurant quality food & dining experiences to unimaginable locations worldwide!

‘The Wilderness Chef’ was founded by a young chef (24) by the name of Cooper Thomas in late 2016. He is currently Executive Chef of two of Newcastles busiest cafe/restaurants (Talulah Bar & Equium Social). Since beginning his personal venture, Cooper has travelled Australia wide and even international, catering from 2-200 guests…any occasion//any location.

‘The Wilderness Chef’ specialises in remote/outdoor feasts with a focus on providing restaurant quality food and food culture to locations you never thought possible! Are you interested in grazing tables, canapés, wedding packages, events, birthdays, engagements, honeymoons, proposals, adventure platters or anything alike??? ‘The Wilderness Chef’ has got you covered!!!

  • What do you love most about what you do? To me, food is about much more than compulsory calories. With great food and great company comes incredible food culture. This is the emotion and experience that is created whilst sharing an amazing dining opportunity in an even more inspiring location.