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The Middle Aisle


Macrame, Styling and Creative Consulation

The Middle Aisle expertly crafts Macrame pieces for memorable events and moments.

Macrame has the special ability to bring together many different strands of rope to craft an intricate pattern that no single piece of rope could have achieved by itself. We bring to life unique Macrame that tells a story and has a depth and detail unlike anything else, much like your own love story and relationship with all the special people who will share your wedding day.

Custom pieces can be knotted together to display at your ceremony, reception details, and keepsakes for your bridal party or guests. We are even available to teach you and your friends some key macrame skills to celebrate a special macrame hen’s ‘tying the knot’ party (with bubbles of course!).

We have hire pieces available and are very happy to work within any budget to add a special touch.

  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? This is a day to celebrate your relationship. Imagine you are the only people who are attending and making choices about where, when and why you're getting married will seem easier.

    If someone is getting upset about a decision you feel strongly about, usually it's more about their own expectations and dreams. Be kind to them, but remember it's your day.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? My Partner with a fresh cup of coffee if i'm lucky!

    Being creative and building a strong community together at my studio.
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? Support each other. You might not always agree, but if you can always be united and kind to one another your relationship will only get stronger.