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The Auburn Hour Film Co.



Our style is easy-going, warm, unobtrusive, and a little bit quirky!…(but still kinda cute).

We sit back and capture the day as it unfolds without the forced smiles and the awkward darting

eyes. The Auburn Hour is about taking a much more considered approach to filmmaking and the

editing process – our films are our craft and we treat it as such.

Why Choose Us?

Well – we’re kinda different. The idea that forms the beating heart behind The Auburn Hour is to

create something unique, beautiful and fun.

What we offer is something outside of the box; timeless and, at it’s core, genuine.

We want you to be as excited about our films as we are. We don’t pump out hundreds of films a

year, each one just like the last; we offer a labour of love that takes time, talent, and most of all,

passion to complete.

Our films encapsulate all the things we love about life – great people, good food, adventure, and a

great party!! If you feel like this is what you’re about too, we’d love to be a part of your amazing