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Susan Ewington Jewellery


Handcrafted engagement & wedding rings

Susan Ewington is a Noosa based jeweller, specialising in hand crafted engagement and wedding rings, using the finest of materials for a lifetime of loving.

Susan describes her aesthetic as modern yet timeless, clean lines meets organic, her designs often having a contemporary edge matched with classic quality. Susan also finds durability with a comfortable and wearable nature to be important features of her designs. Drawing on influences from far wide and wide such as the ancient metalsmiths and modern architecture.

Each piece is uniquely hand crafted in Susan’s Noosa workshop, incorporating traditional manufacturing techniques, a blend of precious metals, and unusual stones and curiosities.

Working with all precious metals including platinum, gold & silver, and all the gemstones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies & more. Susan is also happy to work with existing pieces, heirlooms and vintage, or reuse and recycle old stones & metals.

Susan has had many years experience working one on one, in person or via correspondence, with clients to meet their adornment desires. She also encourages you to bring your unique ideas along for the ride, and will happily discuss the in and outs of every aspect of the journey, and where possible, the ethical and sustainable practices of her process. A consultation with Susan is obligation free and the best way to understand the unique process of a handmade, bespoke piece of jewellery.

Engagement and wedding rings in gold with gemstones can start from around $1200, moving into $2000-3000 or more, depending on materials and complexity. Susan can work to your budget and provide many alternatives to make it possible in almost all cases.