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Stefanie Anderson Photography


Destination photographer located in europe with focus on telling real stories and capture beautiful moments.

About me:

I’m glad that you’re looking for more information about my work an me. Why else would you read this text and go through the photos I published here? In this section I would like to tell you more about me, so that you can have a better picture of me and why I do things as I do them. Perhaps you already know my name, if not, look at the very top of my page.

My photographic journey started when I was 16 and since 2009 it is an inseparable part of my life. I was able to accompany many couples during their most important day of their life’s and capture and experience these emotional moments with them.
Despite my passion for my photographic journey, I literally love to travel and I can’t imagine anything better than to join my profession with my wanderlust. Twice a year I travel to Austria and I lived a couple years in Madrid and Barcelona. If you are every planning a destination wedding around the world, then you are absolutely right here! (Just shot me a message J )

I have to admit I am a sport addict! I cannot get enough sport. I enjoy functional training, love horse riding or just go for a run. Sport is my compensation and balances me after a busy day. Furthermore, I’m full of energy which I need to burn and sport helps me with that.
Since I have Netflix, TV shows became a part of me but not just any show. NO! I am a total fan of TV shows related to Marvel comics. It is like the end of the world when I watched the season’s final episode of “The Flash” and had to wait for the next season. I really enjoy it to lie with my … on the sofa and watch new episodes.

For me during a wedding shooting, there is nothing more important, than to capture moments and emotions. I love to accompany the bridal couple during their journey to marriage. Maybe you invite me too! I would be very happy.

  • If you were an animal, which would best describe you? A cat