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Songbird Silk


Hand dyed silk ribbon and velvet – for lovers of romance

Songbird Silk offers hand dyed silk products such as hand frayed silk ribbon, silk velvet ribbon and chiffon silk table runners for weddings and special occasions.

Our delicate and beautiful draping silks are perfect when used to compliment a wedding bouquet, cutlery, stationery, chairs etc. Or it can be used to showcase a product like gift wrapping, table runners or as a table centre piece.

Made in the Byron Bay hinterland, Australia

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  • Where did your passion for what you do start? I am always drawn to soft, romantic beautiful images and I was seeing a lot of them on Instagram. I feel that adding silk ribbon to a romantic beautifully detailed wedding is a perfect compliment. I wanted to provide the opportunity for Australian brides to incorporate the beauty of hand dyed silk ribbons into their wedding and that is why I started creating them.