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Creative & Heartfelt Wedding Photography

Your wedding is probably the biggest party you will ever dream up.   It’s fantastic and stressful, full of family and friends, moments of clarity and pure blur.  Capturing the real emotion of that day, the infectious joy, the anticipation, the jokes, the sneaky drinks and the let-loose on the dance floor is what I love best.

As every love story is different so too is every wedding.  Blending traditions, showcasing individual styles, dreams and values, celebrating relationships and most of all LOVE!!!   If you are planning a celebration that reflects your world and want your individual style to shine through the photographs of that day… we may be a great match.

Based here in the beautiful Blue Mountains, I am available to photograph weddings both near and far…and I love a good adventure!

Whether you are planning a small intimate gathering or a major extravaganza for your wedding celebration I would love to hear what you are dreaming up.  So…if you like my photography (check out my website) and are interested in having me capture your event then let’s talk!

  • The most romantic location in Australia is... The Blue Mountains...of course! With its rolling mist, rugged bushland accented with bursts of colour, grand waterfalls, vintage architecture and epic views. I love where I live...and I am also IN LOVE with New Zealand and Ireland.
  • Where did your passion for what you do start? When I was about 8 years old I was given a Kodak Brownie camera for Christmas. My brother and I would photograph each other swinging off the old Hills Hoist clothesline. Once we gave our mother the film to get processed we eagerly awaited the results...we just didn't consider the fact that the photos would be inspected before being handed over to us! Yikes!
  • In my spare time I love collecting... Vintage Coats! It's not so much of a "spare time" thing - more an obsession! I have a whole wardrobe dedicated to my collection. Living in the Blue Mountains with it's extreme seasons I get to wear them often.