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Share Your Photos App


Share Your Photos is a free app that allows you and your guests to share your pictures and videos into one, collective album.

It’s the perfect way for Brides to see their wedding from a hundred different angles! It’s simple! Have your guests download the app, enter a unique ID code and you’re in! Now your guests can upload all of their pictures into the app for everyone else to see! It’s accessible from a smartphone or a computer! This way, the friends and family that couldn’t make it to the wedding can still see the pictures and share the memories as if they were there!

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the App
  • Create an Event Name and a unique Event ID
  • Tell your guests about the app before/at the wedding
  • Have everybody download the app and join your event
  • Now your guests can upload their pictures and videos into one album for everyone to see
  • Pick out your favorites and download them to your phone
  • You can create custom prints, photos books and more directly in the app


Check out our Blog for more ideas on how to make the most out of the Share Your Photos App!

  • Where did your passion for what you do start? During my wedding, I hired a photographer, but I noticed that all of my friends and family were taking their own pictures too! There were selfies from the reception and candids from the dance floor - all pictures that I, the BRIDE, missed out on! I wanted a way to see everybody's pictures and videos without having to physically ask them to send me their pictures. I wanted a way to see my wedding from every angle! So we created the Share Your Photos App!