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Shane Vincent Celebrant


While everyone’s looking at the bride, I am holding onto the groom, as this is the moment he cracks. The ceremony is about you guys, you are the book and…

Choosing the right celebrant is important, along with yourself they set the tone of your wedding. So it needs to be someone you connect with. At Shane Vincent Celebrant we are unique in the industry as we offer a light hearted ceremony with a touch of humor. It’s about finding the balance between Love, Laughter and Legals.

To give you a little history about Shane. He has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years as Singer, Comedian, DJ and MC. He became a celebrant because on his wedding day he struggled to find someone who suited him. He is a outgoing, funny guy, but on his wedding day, he was so nervous. He wished he had a celebrant who he could of related to that could of cracked a few jokes and made him feel more at ease.

  • In my spare time I love collecting...