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Engagement Ring Registry – made for women. Capture your favourite engagment ring features and share with your partner!

Ring Tailor’s free engagement ring concierge and registry service is designed to help both men and women through the difficult task of creating a custom-made engagement ring.

Today, women can register their dream engagement ring preferences like stone shape, metal type and more, whilst linking and attaching photos of ring designs they love. They can then choose to send it to their partners for when the time is right.

Initially launched as an engagement ring concierge service for men in April 2017, Ring Tailor’s platform has rapidly evolved to cater for the increasing number of women who want to be involved in the design of their future engagement ring.

Register your dream engagement ring preferences today!

  • What do you love most about what you do? We love being involved in the symbol of love through an engagement ring, that will be worn and adorned for generations. That makes us feel all gooey inside.