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PT. Bali Dream Day is a Wedding Oganizer in Bali, that specialises in luxury bespoke Weddings and Events that reflect your personality and transform your dreams into reality.

We are a Event and Wedding Oganizer in Bali, that specialises in creating beautifully elegant weddings that reflect your personality and transform your dreams into reality. Our passion for both the industry we are in and Bali as an Island with its cultures, is what makes a wedding organised by us so special.

Bali Dream Day can organise all aspects of your event, however we do not generalise… we are bespoke… it depends entirely on your individual requirements. With our connections to the best vendors in the industry and our knowledge of how a wedding should be planned, ensures that your day will go how you envisaged.

  • What do you love about what you do? What i love about what i do is after all of the planning and lead up to the wedding, when it is executed on the day, seeing what all the hard work has been about in front of you and seeing the happiness on the couples faces. Being able to look back when seeing the photos and thinking, i created that
  • My playlist favourites For when the Bride walks down the aisle the great song that always makes people reminisce is Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years'. What we also like to do at our weddings is use an authentic band that normally plays on Jimberan Beach to set the mood. They play current tracks but gives a feel that you are relaxing on the beach. Perfect for a Beach or Clifftop wedding
  • Dogs or Cats? Dogs, Loyal and warm animal, that every time you come back from a bad day will make you feel like your the only thing that matters
  • If you were an animal, which would best describe you? A Grizzly Bear. A strong, but good willed person who is in touch with both people and your surroundings. I like the social life, but you also like quiet moments alone simply relaxing and doing nothing