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Find the best Mustang wedding cars for hire in Melbourne at Pony Passion. Whether you need to get to the church on time, or you’re enjoying a lavish garden ceremony…

Before you see our breathtaking Mustangs pull up to your door, you’ll hear the rumble of the classic V8 motor down your Melbourne street.

Our drivers will roll out the red carpet and guide you into your Mustang. As the white bonnet ribbons tell the world that you are part of a wedding event, you’ll know that the drive will become an enduring memory of the day, for you and everyone sharing your special occasion.

Our drivers will work closely with your photographer to ensure your special day is captured on film. Finally, they will take you to the reception rooms where you’ll make the ultimate of grand entrances.

Get in touch with Pony Passion today to book a Ford Mustang wedding car in Melbourne for your special day. Call 0490 342 991 orcontact us online.