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Husband & wife // visual storytellers ↟ Blue Mountains & Sydney wedding & elopement photographers ↟ Let’s shoot ➳ [email protected]

Hey there!

We are Carisse and Benjamin.
Husband and wife, visual storytellers, and lovers of all things love.

What does it mean to have the opportunity to capture some of the most significant moments of your life?

To us, it means everything.

We live and breathe photography. It’s in our spirits and blood. Our passion permeates from within our core, inspired by love and artistic creativity and driven by human emotion.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the wedding photography business has changed. There’s a thousand photographers who will capture your day and do a somewhat adequate job.

However, in all likelihood, these guys will fire their flash all day, will haul around a tonne of expensive gear, and they’ll pose you unnaturally and tell you to smile down the lens. Then, they’ll photoshop every image, add vignette and sepia tones, and delete any shot where the bride isn’t smiling.

We refuse to let our photography lie to you like this.

We’re all about shooting honestly and intimately. You won’t find us spending a half hour posing and contorting your limbs in an unnatural fashion. It’s unlikely that you’ll see us using a flash or a tripod. We’ll never watermark our captures or artificially smooth flaws.

Love pervades all that we do. We are called to love people, and so everything we do – the very essence of our being – is done in love. Technically speaking, for us, every shoot is a love story, and every one we shoot deserves to be loved, heard and recognised.

These love stories – your story – are the ones we retell, with full authenticity.

You’re perfect as you are. And we’re guerrilla.

Let’s shoot.
Carisse & Benjamin
[email protected]

  • What do you love most about what you do? CARISSE I love capturing the seemingly insignificant moments that are so easily lost from memory. I think it's important to have a keepsake to look back on and remember these moments in their purest form. BENJAMIN I love shooting people being their raw, natural selves. Especially when they break past the awkwardness of having a camera pointed at them, momentarily forgetting we're there.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? CARISSE The motivation to use my God-given gifts to create. BENJAMIN To the sound of our retardedly handsome rescue dog, Buddy, tapping on the hardwood floor - it's his way of making sure we're still alive!
  • The most romantic movie of all time is... CARISSE Anything by Jane Austen, or starring Mr. Darcy, Mr. Tilney or Captain Wentworth. BENJAMIN "About Time"! A criminally underwatched and underloved film that breaks past the romantic love, and taps into love for family, in particularly the relationship between a father and son.
  • My favourite dance floor jam is... We seldom dance, but throw on anything by Frank Sinatra or Tame Impala (mostly Ben there) and we lose ourselves.
  • The most romantic location in Australia is... A secret location out past Lithgow where we spent our honeymoon and go back every year for our anniversary. To get there you have to traverse unsealed roads, farm gates and a plethora of native creatures. But seriously, this place brings the magic!