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One Day Collective


Danielle. Wedding Stalker. Story Teller. Moment Seeker. Chaser of big chunks of happy. Victoria. Australia wide.

Hello! I’m Danielle. I’m into marriage celebrations. I’m into you doing your thing. I dig backyard wedding festivaIs. Big love stories. I  have no expectations. I have zero requirements and un-wedding, weddings. I like different. I like rad friends. I like outdoor all in one locations. I like family. I like grandma’s wrinkly hands and your snotty nosed nephew. I like your eclectic friend, your mum trying to feed me all day and I really like your overly friendly uncle stan. that’s what celebrations are. that’s what I like.


I like getting to know you, your family, friends. I will capture your moments from intimate to hilarious, those ones that happen in the nothing spaces going from here to there.

Those that that tell your tale, a few really awesome portraits, the commitment and the celebration.


After the confetti settles, the images I capture, the realest of real moments, the feelings, the smell, the emotions, the people, the love, warmth, tears and laughter will craft themselves together into your wedding story.

When that story meets your memories, oh my goodness! Your heart will burst and sing.


One Day Collective only tells wedding stories. Let me steal your fist pumping, ridiculously amazing, heartfelt, time stealing, joy popping, tear jerking, un-repeatable moments.. trust me, I am all over it!