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With an ever expanding hire range and brilliantly creative stylists and florists, Oak & Linden will turn your special day into an unforgettable one! We design weddings that exceed expectations,…

With a range of packages to suit every budget, having your wedding professionally styled is more accessible than you would think! Better still, our stylists and florists work under the same roof, meaning nothing gets lost in communication between design and execution. You can be sure that every final touch is considered, from cutlery to lighting. Why not book you free consultation in our beautiful showroom now!

  • The most romantic location in Australia is... Anywhere with personal meaning to you both. Romantic places might not be the most beautiful ones, they might be the bus stop when you first realised you were falling for your partner. We like to include a little bit of our couples stories in the styling of their wedding. If a bus stop was significant then we might suggest accents of yellow by using billy buttons in the flowers!
  • In my spare time I love collecting... Anything quirky, organic or interesting. I have a growing collection on miniature historical portraits, antique fire extinguishers, curios from my travels and interesting bits of wood and bark. You never know what you'll find when you just make the effort to look around you when walking through life.
  • What do you love most about what you do? Each couple's story is unique and so the challenge of making each wedding just as unique always keeps things fun and interesting!
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Honestly, Pinterest! I'm addicted to waking up and seeing beautiful images and creative ideas first thing in the morning!