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for as long as i can remember I’ve been fascinated by flowers, and its just recently dawned on me that I’ve been in the flower game for almost 20 years now, so you could say that the fascination has taken hold of me.

i am in LOVE with flowers…the look. the texture. the SMELL…the way they can come together to create an emotion, and the way they make me feel… The smell of Oriental Lilies feels like Christmas to me, Jasmine reminds me of my ma and i feel all warm and fuzzy inside …and I could very easily shove my face into huge bunches of Earlicheer.

i swoon over weddings.  A lot!… honestly, every weekend gets me all giddy & excited… long working days +  nights to get your lovelies all ready to go…I get a huge buzz delivering your goodies to your door, and my heart beats a mile a minute.

Every. Single. Time.

i am also a crazy huge fan of gift wrapping….I get into anything that’s beautifully gift wrapped… a gorgeous dress…carefully wrapped in soft tissue before being placed into the gift bag…a box of macaroons from a boutique store in Melbourne, covered over with wax paper and finished in a beautifully decorated box . That sort of attention to detail really rocks my boat…i pay a lot of attention into how my (your) bouquets are presented. that stuff is important to me.

i mean for real…I love this, and feel uber blessed that I get to make pretties for the loveliest of people every weekend.


  • Where did your passion for what you do start? Soooo cliche, but when i was a child i used to collect flowers from around my neighbourhood, make little posies, drop them at peoples front doors, ring the bell and hide.
    I liked seeing the look on their faces when they found my little surprise.
    I still love seeing the look on the faces of my clients when I arrive with their florals. It is a priceless moment and one I look foward to everytime.
  • In my spare time I love collecting... memories.