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Lines & Squares


The Lines & Squares team are a rather tight knit bunch. Kinfolk with a shared vision, we join forces to peddle paperwares for swooners of fine stationery, telling the stories…

Creating big impressions with the daintiest of details, Lines and Squares is the liquorice allsort of sweet stationery and design. Uncovering the finest products from the farthest corners, as well as developing a few we’re proud to call our very own, we work alongside clients to create a one off work of art that’s unique to its owner, as quirky and colourful or as classic and understated as that may be.

Whether they’re in celebration of impending nuptials, announcing a little merrymaking or purely professional, our paperwares often provide that first glimmer in some way, shape or form. They bring about first impressions, begin the story and build all kinds of anticipation. When it comes to the kind of scene you want to set, the mood you want to create and the style and decorative elements that you’re incorporating, we believe it’s important that the stationery you choose will trigger the right response and do all of your hard work justice. Whether we gather your ideas and whip up a truly original piece or whether we turn a pre-existing design sample into a Lines and Squares’ creation of your very own, our mission is the same each and every time; to inspire thoughtful creativity befitting the chicest celebrations and the swankiest of soirées.

  • Where did your passion for what you do start? I have so many fond memories of making as a child. Whether it was sitting in Granny’s garden, painting masterpieces on her pavement with a bucket of water and a brush in hand, or presenting my Gran with ornaments we constructed out of lumps of clay from the dam, I was always up for the chance to make things. My love of paper started at around age 8 and my first business venture followed shortly after. My cousin and I set up Leap Frog Designs from our grandparents dining
    room table one school holidays and sold stamped greeting cards (complete with a frog logo on the back that was heat embossed over the toaster) to any neighbour that had twenty cents to spare.
  • What do you love most about what you do? I’m sure that almost everyone in the wedding world would agree that it’s always a delight to know that a couple has entrusted you with such a noteworthy occasion but, more recently, nothing has brought a bigger smile to my face than the joy of knowing that somebody, somewhere, has a piece of my art hanging on their wall.