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Lighthouse Homestead


Wedding Venue Byron Bay Hinterland

” A grand old peaceful home in the Byron Bay hinterland known for its natural rustic charm and a unique farm wedding venue ”

” Beautifully maintained gardens surrounded by certified organic orchards and an abundance of farm animals ”

” Custom-built marquee pad, on-site kitchen shed for caterers, surrounded by picturesque landscapes scenery ”

Set on a 220 acre certified organic farm with sweeping views of Byron Bay’s iconic lighthouse, Lighthouse Homestead is a private stunning Byron Bay hinterland farmstay, wedding and events venue.

The Queenslander homestead is a beautiful light and breezy place offering three lovely bedrooms with excellent modern conveniences, whilst maintaining its natural rustic charm. Lighthouse Homestead is the perfect venue for weddings.

Set in an amazing environment, the organic farm ensures the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous outdoor garden ceremony, marquee set up, hinterland cocktail and a peaceful outdoor sit down dinner.

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? The rooster crowing! As we are situated in a certified organic farm, the best thing is to listen to the animals around the property and as soon as I hear the rooster singing, it's time to get up and start the day!
  • My favourite dance floor jam is... The chicken techno song... hahaha
    We are ready to party at Lighthouse Homestead!
  • If you were an animal, which would best describe you? I think the Swan is the best match for Lighthouse Homestead.
    A calm, white, romantic, wild, beautiful, graceful, majestic and enchanted animal, a bit like us... hihi :)