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Jamie Foster born and raised in melbourne with a life time of experience
in photography from shooting weddings, portraits and advertising work,
brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience to any project.
Who knows when I picked up my first camera, I have been
surrounded by photography since childhood. My mother recalls finding
me in the darkroom asleep under the fixer and developer trays – so I
guess you could say it is almost in my blood. Having a father as a
photographer it was only a matter of time before I found myself in
love with capturing images on film. I remember the days of loading
large format dark slides in the darkroom fumbling around in the dark
to find the notch on the top right hand corner of the film which is 10
X 12 inches, then loading the dark slide which is a
little bigger and having to repeat it another ten times then stumbling
out of the darkroom into the studio with flashes going off and
blinding me then tripping over flash leads and causing chaos, then
getting an evil stare from my father from causing such havoc and
disturbing the photo shoot. Jamie Foster