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– Love life – breath easy – laugh more – enjoy food – drink coffee – take photos! –

With a huge social media following, years of experience in the industry and his work receiving accolades by the New York Times, prestige magazines and world renowned wedding blogs, he truly is an expert in his field.

He is famous for his relaxed, candid and organic style of photography and works hard to ensure he encapsulates his clients photo dreams. There will be no camera flashing around in your face. James loves being in stealth mode.. snapping natural shots that you didn’t even know he took.

He isn’t just a camera ninja! His warm personality put’s even the most camera shy person at ease. Come sit with him for a cup of coffee and by the end of the meeting you will feel like you have known him for years.

Not sure if he loves his job? Then come watch him in action! He smiles right back at you with every shot he takes.

Weddings, portraits, events, editorial, you name it and James can shoot it!!

  • Dogs or Cats? Meerkats
  • My playlist favourites Whitney Housten
  • In my spare time I love collecting... Dust
  • The most romantic location in Australia is... Better kept a secret! ;-)