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Amazing, Intimate & Elegant Elopement style Weddings at an Affordable Price in the Beautiful Hunter Valley.

Do YOU want an Intimate, Elegant, Romantic & STRESS FREE Wedding Day?

   Have considered a registry wedding or eloping?

   Would you rather have a deposit on a house or go on an amazing honeymoon than spend a fortune on a big wedding?

   Are you daunted by the stress and possible family politics and pressures that can come along with planning a big wedding?

   Maybe you’re dreaming of something a little bit different at an amazing price?

   Are you after a simple, classy, funfilled and easy way to marry the one you love?

Then an iDo Popup Wedding is for you! 

Popup Weddings are the new and unique way to marry the one you love. In a nutshell it’s a fancy way to elope or to have a small, intimate wedding with your closest loved ones present. Popup Weddings by iDo Popups are fun, personal, unique, special, memorable and a little romantic…ok a lot romantic. They are also perfect for a commitment ceremony, same sex ceremony or a vow renewal.

Now a Popup Wedding may not be for everyone, it is for those who would love the tradition of a beautiful wedding with a cake, champagne & professional wedding photos. You want the stunning bouquet and button hole, a beautiful location with your nearest and dearest present, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding.

Did we also mention there is next to no stress! Amazing isn’t it :) That’s because we take care of everything for you. You just turn up on the day in your stunning bridal attire all loved up and marry the one you love. It really is that simple.

As times change, a lot of people would rather invest their money in their first family home rather than spend a fortune on a big wedding. Even some small weddings can be upwards of $15,000 which could be a deposit on a house or even a fantastic honeymoon. With the average wedding in Australia costing around the $45k mark, it’s no wonder people are looking at different ways to have a fabulous and intimate wedding on a budget.

At iDo Popups we would never compromise on quality, that is why our Popup Weddings work so well. We engage the best suppliers to marry multiple couples on one day. Everyone will have their one hour ‘Happily Ever After’ package on the same day at different allocated times. This helps keep the costs to a minimum for all of our beautiful couples.

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? It may sound weird and a little cliché, but love gets me out of bed in the morning. Love for my husband and son...seeing their smiling faces is just a wonderful way to start everyday. Love for my family and friends health. Love for my job...making couples dreams come true is something I am extremely passionate about. Love for life...because without it we wouldn't have love!
  • What do you love most about what you do? Relationship's are not hard meant to be hard work. There will be good and bad times, you will have your ups and downs but it should never be hard. Just communicate about everything, even the small things, as they can grow into big things if left unsaid. Appreciate each other, switch the mobile phones off and go for a coffee date and a chat...I promise you will be glad you did!
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? The best advice I can give anyone planning their wedding it to remember what the day is really about. It's about you and your love becoming your own little family. It's about the two of you making the choice to spend the rest of your lives together. Other aspects of planning a wedding like choosing vendors, dates, family politics, other peoples opinions, budget etc...are all part of the process, and always get in the way. Try to keep it all in perspective, and do it your way! After all it's your day and no matter what you both want it to be will be perfect if you are true to yourselves. After all its about marring the one you love!