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We are obsessive about our photography. We care about photography and every facet of our business is aimed at best capturing all the details and delivering a superior finished product…

Never fear, let Hilary get to the heart of your photophobia and prove you’re awesomely good-looking.

His dedication to image processing once developed him a tan simply through prolonged exposure to an oversize computer monitor. For Hilary knows the horrible truth, great photos aren’t delivered by stork to wedding studios in the middle of the night – no, they are forged with sweat, blood-shot eyes and the providence that causes a photographer to lie the dirt or bushes until the composition is just right!

People ask if Hilary is my real name or just some protracted practical joke by twisted parents, indeed my drivers licence prove it is both. I went to an all boys school so you can spare me the Hilary Clinton jokes, I heard all the best ones while trapped inside my locker.

My career as a photographer began in a fashion studio, I have been shooting weddings for 8 years, I worked my way up to director of photography before leaving it all behind to work for myself and offer top-teir imagery direct to the public.