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Grey Area Productions


Raw, elegant, natural, modern photos & video

Things should be as simple as possible, look at my work, if you like what you see, email me, we’ll talk and if we get on I’d love to be a part of your day.

I’m a full-time photographer & filmmaker, my wife Greer is a fashion designer and we design our own clothes. Outside of weddings I make TV commercials, work on films and photograph landscapes.

I was brought up on a small family farm, with one brother & three sisters, in the South Island of NZ. I am most happy in the mountains, especially when its cold. I’ve done many things and been many places but always warm to the idea of weddings – two people who have two lives, two histories, two pasts, and a future that no one knows.

My work is driven by capturing simple beauty and natural moments, documenting people when they are least aware.
I like to think my work is Elegant, natural and modern. I work with couples in the most simple way possible to draw out the rawness of the day.

I’m quiet when I need to be and direct when I need to, everything should be as natural as possible. This is how hauntingly beautiful, electric, moments are made.

I have a history in fashion editorial work and apply this to my weddings without the need to pose. My couples always say I’m a calming presence on the day and my favourite thing is that I get to see who you are, see all your friends and families come together, listen to your loved ones, hear all your stories and then after it all I get to show you what I saw.

  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? I got married in April so I know the feeling. Lets be honest, its fun and exciting but its also draining and a lot of work. I think just have fun, make it work, but stay light and free. Every year countless brides say to me, I wish I'd enjoyed the lead up, because it's totally possible too. Don't add that to your regrets x