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Modern, Candid & Creative Wedding Photography with not a Vintage filter in sight!

I’ll admit it – I like the whole Instagram vintage look wedding photography that’s all over this site. It looks cool. However, will it still look cool in 10 years when you look back on your wedding photos? That I’m not so sure of, which is why the wedding photography I offer is colourful, vibrant and full of life :-)

I’m a British photographer who shoots weddings in and around Sydney. I seem to be the preferred photographer at The Grounds of Alexandria, but no matter where your wedding or who you are, I’d love to meet you and hear about your special day!

Have a browse around my site and if you like what you see, let’s meet for a coffee and a chat. If we click, I’d love to work with you!

  • What do you love most about what you do? Even though it seems like a contrived answer, being a wedding photographer means that I can experience all the most incredible emotions all in just one day. I'm part of all these truly unforgettable moments, amongst so much love and happiness, and it's my job to try and capture as many of them as possible. I love meeting new people at each and every wedding. I love seeing the nervous excitement on the bride's face in the morning. I love seeing the bride's mother's face when she first sees her daughter in her wedding dress. I love seeing the groom's face when he sees his wife to be walking down the wedding aisle. I love hearing the best man's speech. I love seeing all the details in the reception. I love seeing the bride's father's face when he dances with his daughter. Being a wedding photographer gives me access to some of the most emotional and amazing moments in life, all rolled into a single day. I'm grateful for this intimacy and love the challenge of being the only one to document it in a way that the wedding couple, family and friends can treasure for a lifetime.
  • What do you love most about what you do? Romeo & Juliet. Baz Luhrman is a genius! That aquarium scene... the music, the actors - perfection!!