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Georgia Young Couture


Design, Originality and Craftsmanship are our forte

Design, originality and craftsmanship are our forte.

We LOVE that we offer something different. Our designs are all about finding that perfect balance between a classic feminine shape and mixing it up with modern, fresh design.

But it’s not all about our unique style. Our craftsmanship is also something to rave about.

Each gown is hand made under the one roof in Fitzroy.  Created from start to finish by our experienced Couturier.

Our processes follow the traditional art of Couture, making sure each stage is meticulously perfect before continuing.

There are 5 fittings involved with our gowns. An enjoyable process that you get to see unfold before your eyes and see how each stage develops into the next.

We LOVE making gowns, this is our passion.

Come see what all the fuss is about…