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Brisbane based Frankly Photography believes in capturing real moments, not faking them!

My name is Sarah and I’m the face behind (the camera) of Frankly Photography. I hold a First Class Honours degree in Photography from the Griffith University, Queensland College of Art. I’ve spent over ten years in customer service and events. This includes many aspects of weddings; catering, event coordinating, bar, photographer, bridesmaid and guest. I believe this has given me a unique understanding of your special day. Sort of like your own personal photography ninja! Studying photojournalism and documentary allows me to often see things overlooked, the little details put into the big day. To capture that split second magic look from adoring family and those precious candid moments we treasure forever. I have a very unobtrusive approach to your wedding day. I’d prefer to take a fly on the wall approach and let the story tell itself, allowing you to just enjoy your day.
I really do get invested in each story I tell. I absolutely love my job, the adventures I get to have and the people I meet. I genuinely care about how you wish to see your day captured, and I probably will cry at your ceremony (discreetly of course).
I look forward to meeting you and helping to tell your story!