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You are your own person & you have your own unique style, {even if you don’t know it yet} so broadcast this in your wedding & more importantly… in your…

The aim & focus of starting Flowers By Lorey was to soley focus on wedding flowers. However, we now cater for ceremony & reception complete design setups. Sorry, we wont bring out the knifes & forks; but if you want something with original flair sitting on your table or something to add that ‘extra’ touch to your wedding, well my friend… you’ve come to the right place.

Flowers By Lorey is exactly what it says… {flowers} {by} {lorey}.. That’s me! I’m a one man band as they say & have an over the top love of flowers-also known as ”anthomania” ~ obsession with flowers. It helps in my job, but also becomes a massive time waster when I find myself staring down the throat of an orchid, or squeezing snap dragon buds to make them talk.

One of the most anticipated moments of your wedding planning is picking out your bouquet, but when faced with so many seductive choices, which do you choose? the answer: what flowers mean something to you? Did your grandma grow hydrangea’s when you were a child, or did you flower press pansies when you were little. {i did}… These tiny little memories can shape the way we design your bouquet & will make your day just that tad more special.