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exQuisite Event Co.


The Exquisite Event Co. team strives to allow you to enjoy the process of planning and designing your event. Typically this would be laughing and brainstorming over some pink bubbly…

Exquisite Event Co. was founded in 2012 with the intent to provide a standout experience for the client. As an attendee of numerous weddings and social events throughout the years, it has given us plenty of opportunity to examine and experience what makes a standout event, while we constantly ask ourselves how would we make it better?

If you would ask us what our “taste” or “style” is, there is no specific answer to this. The reason being we are always discovering new and classic styles and ever changing trends. We strive to never settle for one specific look as we are always excited by our new surroundings and the constant creations of inspiring trends everywhere we go.