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Petal & Paper


Nominated for multiple awards since established in 2014, Petal & Paper produces beautiful bespoke wedding stationery out of Brisbane, Australia.

My name is Elly and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I like weddings (this sounds like it’s self confession time, doesn’t it?). I’ve always had a passion for weddings but never really knew what to do with that passion. I contemplated becoming a Marriage Celebrant (but then I’d have to be in all the photos and… awkward!), and even becoming a Wedding Co-Ordinator (but that would mean a whole new qualification and well, I just got one). So instead, I’ve decided to use the qualification I DID get to launch myself into the wedding scene in the most subtle way, by not really being in the wedding at all! Instead, I will be fiercely typing and clicking my little heart out (or.. fingers.. out?) to create some beautiful wedding stationery to match your perfect day.

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Both my cats, either one or both of them. Seriously, they're the best alarm clock ever. Also coffee.
  • What do you love most about what you do? WEDDDINNGGGSSS. I am *so* obsessed. I think I've created weddings in my head about a million times. Different themes, different colours... I love it all! Also I think I have to say that the vendors in the wedding industry are by far, the best people to work with. It\\'s always a team effort and everyone obviously always has one goal in mind... a happy bride! When you pull it off, it\\'s nothing short of magical.
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? BE ALONE. No, but really, spend some quality time with yourself every once in a while. Take yourself on a date! By the end of it you\\'ll be pining for some quality time with your partner. Plus you can get a few sneaky donuts or cocktails in... what\\'s not to like?!
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