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Petal & Paper Stationery


We specialise in designing bespoke wedding stationery for modern brides. We love the creative process that goes into crafting unique, handmade products that will hold memories forever.

My name is Elly and I live in Brisbane, Australia and I like weddings (this sounds like it’s self confession time, doesn’t it?). I’ve always had a passion for weddings but never really knew what to do with that passion. I contemplated becoming a Marriage Celebrant (but then I’d have to be in all the photos and… awkward!), and even becoming a Wedding Co-Ordinator (but that would mean a whole new qualification and well, I just got one). So instead, I’ve decided to use the qualification I DID get to launch myself into the wedding scene in the most subtle way, by not really being in the wedding at all! Instead, I will be fiercely typing and clicking my little heart out (or.. fingers.. out?) to create some beautiful wedding stationery to match your perfect day.

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Both my cats, either one or both of them. Seriously, they're the best alarm clock ever. Also coffee.
  • What do you love most about what you do? WEDDDINNGGGSSS. I am *so* obsessed. I think I've created weddings in my head about a million times. Different themes, different colours... I love it all! Also I think I have to say that the vendors in the wedding industry are by far, the best people to work with. It's always a team effort and everyone obviously always has one goal in mind... a happy bride! When you pull it off, it's nothing short of magical.
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? BE ALONE. No, but really, spend some quality time with yourself every once in a while. Take yourself on a date! By the end of it you'll be pining for some quality time with your partner. Plus you can get a few sneaky donuts or cocktails in... what's not to like?!