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Dijana Risteska


Hey there, I’m Dijana [Dee-ya-na], a freelance photographer based in Melbourne VIC but am happy to travel to all corners of the world for a party.

My work acts as my visual diary and displays moments where I am invited into strangers, friends, and sometimes strangers who become friend’s most intimate moments in their lives.

I am entrusted to tell the story of their special day and capture fleeting moments which can be reflected upon whenever desired and shared with those who are held closest and most dearest to them.

In the back of my minds eye, I am always in one way or another aware of my ambition to tell a story with as little intrusion as possible. I want it to be real, or as real as possible.

Then, when I flip the coin over and concentrate on some of my personal work, it is quite the opposite; I am shown a different image, different ways of seeing things, and it is through this other world where I don’t mind conceptualizing the surreal, and honoring those who played with melting clocks.

I think that it is a nice balance to work from both of these different visions; a bit of yin and a bit of yang.