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Daniel Milligan Photography


// Storytelling weddings in Melbourne, Australia // Showing you the journey and the moments it evokes, these are the things that usually go unnoticed.

I am a story maker.

I grew up appreciating the small things and how all these small things compliment the big things. Without them, the big things wouldn’t exist. My heart is in people and who they are in this world. The word Sonder means: the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. This word captures the feeling of what I live my life by: people matter and each person has a story, I am here to pour my heart and soul into visualising those things. To tell your story.

I love people and the places we visit, capturing the essence of those two things is most special to me. I’m always inspired to show the emotion and character of each and every person, object and process. The earth we live in was created for us to find joy in. I aim to photograph and complement your stories with the environment and landscape, because without a background, each chapter doesn’t feel complete.

I became enamoured with the idea of capturing a person’s spirit, their personality and history, rather than just framing a good-looking shot. Something more. Something captivating. I want to seize not just those well-crafted moments but those candid moments, the moments where people think nobody is watching.

Slowing down and appreciating the memories of the stories you all make and the people I meet are worth keeping.