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Cordy’s Cakes


cake baker, unique style for every occasion

A cake is more than a dessert. For many people, it is a major piece that celebrates their journey in life. Whether it is for a birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower, a cake can always enrich those wonderful moments, bring people together, and give meaning to such lifelong memories.

My name is Cordy, and this is what I strive to achieve with my cakes.

For me, baking and designing a cake is a work of art. My goal is to create cakes that represent the hosts and complements their occasion in such a way that the cake becomes something special and unique for each person. The cake becomes ‘your’ cake. Every cake is customised and personalised, and that is why every cake that I create is different.

My signature use of edible flowers, fruits, chocolate glazing, and icing creates an elegant yet rustic feel to the cakes. My most iconic style is the marble effect drawn from nature. I wanted the cakes to stand out from the ordinaries of our day-to-day lives, and at the same time, would appeal to anyone, man or woman.

It is my passion to create something that is memorable, new and distinctive. I hope to bring a new meaning to what a cake can be and stand for.