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Compass Rose Floral


Wedding and Event Floral and Botanical Designer

At Compass Rose Floral we work just like any other florist, with local floral designers creating masterpieces just the way you want them.  The difference?  We use super high-end faux flowers that can be reused for more than one event.

With this approach we charge you half the price of a traditional florist, put amazing arrangements within your budget, and make a much smaller impact on the environment compared to fresh flowers. If you’re looking for an earthy, bohemian and fun vibe for you wedding at a great price check us out!

  • Where did your passion for what you do start? Once upon a lifetime ago I was a science professor for years and realized I was teaching about the benefits of being green, but could do more! Plus, it's fun to have my organization side (keeping the business running smoothly!) and my artistic side meet.
  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? I've been with my husband for a number of years and I have two rules 1. Marry your best friend who, together, you are a "team"! Be better together and trust and rely on that person. 2. Get two separate blankets for your bed - you'll never fight over the covers and always get a good nights sleep!