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Colour Me Happy Weddings


Queenstown Wedding Styling and Planning

At Colour me Happy we offer plan, style and design services to those kindred spirits in search of unique, bold, aesthetically pleasing designs.

As well as covering your wedding day styling from floor to ceiling,  we can also take care of all the planning and detail that goes into any amazing event.  We understand that weddings can often be time consuming and an unnecessary stress, we are here to ensure you have an enjoyable experience whilst working with the experts who are every bit as excited as you are.

Fueled by passion and stimulated by originality, we push boundaries in pursuit of beauty beyond the norm.  Our imaginations are wild and free.  Our execution is that of a perfectionists.  We are the dreamers, the believers, the explorers and the creators.

Let our team at Colour Me Happy look after the logistics and creativity whilst you watch your vision materialize into an unforgettable experience for your and your guests.