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Coco & Confetti


weddings & events // we are stylists, planners, project managers, florists, design junkies, creators & makers // getting our hands dirty to create amazing events

Hello, we are Coco & Confetti! In a nutshell, we deliver wedding & event design, styling, planning & coordination, prop hire & floral design services. When we step out of the nutshell, things get a bit more interesting! Of course, we provide the practical services like budget spreadsheets and run-sheets, but we also get energised and excited over the creative elements, drawing inspiration from our couples to create unique and memorable events.

One day we might find ourselves applying Japanese cloth-dying techniques to create the perfect napkin or table runner, on another we’ll be trekking furniture over a marathon distance up a mountain and down onto a beach just to achieve that secluded picnic feel (and we love every minute of it too!).

Styling & floral design to us is more than just putting “stuff” on a table – it’s about creating spaces where every element is allowed to shine, reflecting and exuding our clients’ personalities and making them feel incredible. We want our clients to know that we “get them.”

Where we feel we really excel is when we get the opportunity to bring all of our services together – wedding planning, coordination, styling, hire & floral design – to help our clients create a truly memorable and spectacular day! We are so proud to be able to provide all of the above services, so you know that you are dealing with one single vendor, with a meticulously planned and executed vision, to make your wedding dreams a reality ♥︎

  • Where did your passion for what you do start? I think my passion for weddings & events started before I even realised that it was something I was interested in. From about the age of 8, I helped my grandmother prepare the church flowers for the services on Sundays or, if I was lucky, for a wedding. As I grew up, my creative, design & organisation skills led me to pursue Urban Planning & Design as a career. But it wasn't long before I was craving the tactile satisfaction of arranging flowers and wanting to use my creativity in a more direct way. After getting married myself (and loving every single second of planning my wedding), I knew it was something I wanted to do with my life. Now that I've made the shift to wedding & event planning, I know I was made to do it - I mean, why else would I have the perfect combo of an organised but creative mind, a love for meeting new people, a passion for styling & floral design, and a seriously romantic (some would say soppy) side?! I think it was meant to be ♥︎
  • What do you love most about what you do? Waking up every morning knowing that we are making people happy. As lame as it sounds, very few jobs actually offer than in a real sense! We also love flexing our creative muscles on a daily basis, and working with truly beautiful people, clients and collaborators alike.
  • My favourite dance floor jam is... How to choose?! (Let's be honest, it changes every week..)

    At the moment it is probably 'Dance Off' by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. But an all-time favourite will always be 'Sunchyme' by Dario G (if you can't recall that song, I highly recommend looking it up!).
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? It is much easier to say than do, but the most important piece of advice I can offer for your wedding planning is to do 'you'. Pick and choose the traditions you think resonate with you - you really don't have to do all (or even any) of them. The best weddings we've been involved with are always the ones that speak volumes about who the couple are - what makes them love, laugh, & cry happy tears.

    Our goal is always to achieve two layers of beauty in a wedding - creating physical, tangible beauty through damn good styling, but also providing the right environment to highlight and foster the intangible, meaningful beauty that comes with profound love and a gorgeous relationship.

    The more personality you inject into your big day, through every choice and element, the more beautiful your wedding will be :)