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We are an Award Winning, dedicated Wedding planning Management service that has the talent and professional experience to design and style a wedding to perfection, within the clients budget and…

We love all things weddings, we get excited and enthusiastic for each client, we immerse ourselves into each task and take that time to get it right!
We travel interstate or international for our clients, allowing us to seek only quality vendor services in different parts of the world, creating unique and creative weddings. 
We educate ourselves on traditions and cultures from all corners of the globe and go to great lengths to ensure we respect and honor the families concerned.
We are the Director of Weddings!
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? The best advise to give couples planning their special day is choose the three most important elements in their wedding. Allocate the expense to those three parts first, then go down the list of priorities and allocate the funds appropriately.
    If quality of Food, Photography and venue location is the most important aspects for your wedding, make sure your budget can extend to your expectations.