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Modern or Retro. Quirky or Quaint. It’s all about YOU! Your Celebrity Obsession Photography Experience is crafted to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

After midnight all that is left are photographs. Don’t risk your once in a lifetime day to a …’uncle bill has a good camera, so the photos will be good’… mentality. Enlist the services of a professional who listens, cares and delivers what YOU want.
Celebrity Obsession will guide you through the crazy minefield of wedding photography and with YOU, design the perfect memory capture package for YOUR day.
Don’t just accept what’s offered to you, take control and have what YOU want.
Call 0425218181 or email [email protected] to arrange an obligation free consult to discuss what YOU would like to see in YOUR collection of memories.

  • What do you love about what you do? It's an honour to be invited to share peoples private moments and to help them create lasting memories.
  • Where did your passion for what you do start? I'm a bit of a people watcher, so it was a natural evolution to use a camera to capture those subtle nuances between people. The trick is to pay attention and to make sure the moments I capture are real
  • My playlist favourites Many and varied are the songs on my playlist! Music can be a soundtrack to life, so the mood often dictates the music.
    Mind you, the tune has to be appealing
  • What do you love about what you do? We were born with twice as many ears as mouths and so they should be used in the same ratio...listen more than you speak. That is listen not just hear!