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Celebrate with Anna


Your wedding, your story, I’m just going to help you write it. Family sharing and friend frivolity, your wedding is a celebration of your life, make sure you share it…

My name is Anna Bauer and I am an authorised marriage celebrant.  I wanted to be a celebrant to marry my friends and it turns out marrying people is a pretty amazing job.

I am not a pant suit wearing celebrant.  I believe weddings should be occasions of celebration, family sharing and friend frivolity.  Your wedding is part of the story of your life and my job is to make sure you can find the words to tell the rest of the world all about the best part of your life.

Check out my instagram, facebook and website for more information and to see if we’re a match.  Go on, swipe right!

  • What do you love most about what you do? Your friends and family! I know I'm supposed to say how happy the pair of you are but it just wouldn't be true. While you two are very busy gazing at each other in your extremely beautiful outfits, I like to take a sneaky look at those who love you. Watching their faces change and smile, shed tears and laugh, all while staring at you, that's my favourite bit. There's nothing quite like it.
  • In my spare time I love collecting... Don't laugh. Anodised teapots and jelly moulds. They are very, very cool and I've been hunting for them since I was about 24. That's more than ten years of coloured aluminium teapot collection! If they made them in the shape of a flamingo I think my life would really be complete.