Bulb Creative


Illuminating the wildly romantic

For us, photography is about escaping expectations and capturing the moment for what it really is. We are drawn to capturing the wildly romantic, adventure seeking, carefree couples.

We both believe that gone are the days of stiff, over posed and airbrushed wedding photos. We like to bring a more directive approach, guiding our couples into bringing out their personalities and their intimate connections. We appreciate the soft spoken moments, the carefree belly laughs, and the sentimental connections. Although we both take a more quiet approach to things, we love to get in their and have a laugh with our couples, support you both through the highs and lows of a wedding, get creative and arty farty with you, and just document you both enjoying every moment of your day.

A little bit about us… We are a married duo that both had a passion for all things photography since we were little kiddies. When we first started dating, our idea of a date would be to go for a little hike and take photos of EVERYTHING we saw along the way. Now we’re married and work together, traveling to awesome places and taking photos of couples on their most exciting and emotional day. And we LOVE it. It’s our dream job!

Harley is the admin/logistic guy. He takes his replying back to emails very seriously and could add “wedding planner” to his job title. Ainsley is the one behind the editing screen. She’s the day dreamer one in this relationship. We both love coffee dates, snuggling up in front of a fire, hiking mountains, strolling through forests, watching too much Netflix, and enjoying the simple things in life.