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Breanna Marie Photography


Photographer of the crazy-in-love adventurous couples around the PNW. I strive to capture the unposed, in-between moments between lovers.

  • What do you love most about what you do? This may sound weird, but I love being a third wheel! I have so much fun getting to know couples at engagement sessions! I love to bring champagne and get to know them more, and that helps me find out what makes them laugh and feel comfortable in front of the camera! It has been such a blessing to walk along side these couples during the most exciting time in their lives from their engagement, wedding, and then when they start having families! It is the best job in the world.
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? A cup of coffee with WAY too much creamer. I'm working on that.
  • Where did your passion for what you do start? When I was 8 or 9 years old, I became obsessed with my dad's cameras! I loved taking them to take snapshots of our vacations together. I learned that it was an awesome way for me to connect with other people and make them feel beautiful, so by time I was 15 I was taking high school senior photos!
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? The best advice I could give is to really prioritize your time. There are so many little details that you could easily get caught up in, but to prioritize time with each other and your relationship is huge. You are not only planning a wedding, but you are planning a marriage! Planning weddings can definitely be stressful, but if you turn them into date nights with some wine, even addressing invites can be fun.