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Wedding zines® – short for magazine, contemporary for storytelling wedding album

We struggled to find a medium that really told the story of our wedding day, and allowed us to share it meaningfully. For different reasons, conventional albums, photo books, social media and the like, just didn’t tick the boxes for us. Eventually we were struck with the idea of wedding zines® – the marriage of design, photography, print and weddings. Wedding zines tell a story, and are the window to wedding day memories.

Every wedding zine is professionally designed, and features up to 400 photos, and wording such as vows and quotes. Design revisions are included in our prices, meaning no wedding zine goes to print without absolute approval from you. Finally, couples can order between 2 and 10 copies of their wedding zine, meaning wedding photos can finally be shared with the whole family. (Psst, it also takes care of a few Christmas gifts :)

Our Process

We like that we’ve given couples the opportunity to order a wedding album on a retail basis online. Furthermore, our process is bespoke, and serves the couple, meaning you get a wedding zine and memento you actually want.

Specifically, our process is simple:

  1. Place an order online
  2. You’ll receive an email detailing how to provide us with your photos and wording.
  3. From here, it’s an inclusive process, and you’ll receive a digital proof of your wedding zine within 10 days of placing your order
  4. Once we’ve made your revisions and we have your approval, we start the print process
  5. You’ll receive your wedding zines at your door within 15 working days of digital approval
  • What do you love most about what you do? We think wedding zines do such a good job of telling a couple's wedding story, and they are such a good medium for sharing the story. If our zines can can connect people to your wedding day memories, then we're happy :)
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Your wedding photos of course! Seriously, we draw so much inspiration from wedding photos because they're all so beautifully different in terms of location, style, order of day and photographic artistry.
  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? This is more wedding day advice, but here goes. Plan as best you can, but when the day starts, enjoy and savour every single moment. Don’t stress the little things! Make that ceremony kiss last, have a crack at the lawn games, enter the reception memorably, laugh out loud during the speeches, dance like no one’s watching and then try not to start a fire during the sparkler exit ;) And last but not least, invest in a great photographer, because after the vows and speeches have been said, and the wedding day ends, your wedding photos will be the window to your memories.