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Booth Boy


Hand crafted vintage photo booths

Don’t be shy, step on up and let me introduce myself. I’m Booth Boy, and I’d like to tell you a little about my photo booth.

One overcast day whilst driving the streets of Leichhardt I stumbled across a lonely hardwood table. Dirty, weathered and in need of some good ol’ fashioned TLC I knew I had to save him, provide a better home, a place of belonging and purpose. I mustered the strength to lift him into my car and whisped him off to a better place.

After many hours of grooming emerged a fine looking specimen, paying homage to his roots but approaching life with a new lease. No longer a table, a vintage inspired hand crafted photo booth was born. It is this aesthetic that spreads its reach around the entire Booth Boy brand.

We are unlike traditional photo booths. Open air by design you can think of our photo booths as portable photo studios built around professional Dslr camera’s, studio lighting and bespoke backdrops. What’s more we offer the best dang instant prints on the market and a glorious array of props.