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Photographer inspired by NATURE, LOVE and ART with over 13 years experience as a fully accredited professional photographer.

I was lured into photography by its ability to capture decisive moments, moments which form a vital part of our memories and our history.
Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland, I started my photography career in 1999 studying a diploma of photoimaging then going onto complete a bachelor in Photography, which gave me the opportunity to study abroad at Edinburgh College of Art. I expanded my practice whilst taking on my Masters in Cornwall, UK. My long standing teaching position at Sunshine Coast TAFE in the Diploma of Photoimaging course allowed me to remain active in the community’s creative industry and foster new photography talents on the Sunshine Coast.
I am involved in many different genres of photography which all come together to form my own unique style. I like to keep things casual and candid, allowing some room for creativity and fun. The most important thing is that you are captured in your best light and the energy of the day shines through. Whilst I like to keep my eye on industry trends, I believe more in originality and creativity, as these are timeless. My style could be seen as a mix of fine art, fashion and photojournalism.