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Ben Wyeth Photography


Creative wedding photographer based on the NSW Far North Coast.

As a photographer, I’m a firm believer that how you feel the moment your picture is taken has the biggest impact on how you feel when you see the photograph again. So if you feel uncomfortable, nervous or any other negative emotion, when you look at the image, weeks, months or even years later, that emotion will be how you see yourself. Now imagine, looking back on an image from your wedding day on your golden anniversary and remembering how you laughed so hard because your husband had just told you the funniest, filthiest joke you’ve ever heard, or how you beamed like you were going to explode because he had just whispered the most romantic thing into your ear and at that precise moment never in your life never had you felt more loved. Heck, even if the picture was out of focus and looked terrible I bet you’d still smile everytime you saw it! For me this is where the power and the art of photography lies. This is where the magic happens.