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Handcrafted jewellery by Lucie Ferguson

Babyanything fine jewellery is designed and hand crafted by qualified manufacturing jeweller, Lucie Ferguson in Paddington, Sydney.

Each piece is made from precious metal and stones in our onsite jewellery workshop at the Babyanything flagship store located at 128a Oxford Street, Paddington.

Lucie designs for the Babyanything babe, a paradox – she could be the sweet blonde swaying at a Fleetwood Mac concert or the brunette going steady with the baddest boy in town.

She places heavy emphasis on the power of jewellery in creating meaning and history in people’s lives. There was a time when jewellery was given to celebrate landmark events in one’s life; a courtship, a graduation, a marriage, a birth, an anniversary or a death.

These pieces were passed down through families to bond relatives long after they had left this earth.  It is Lucie’s intention as a maker to have her pieces become her customers heirlooms.

We also have the privilege of guiding excited partners and happy couples in the creation of custom engagement rings or wedding bands.