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Athena + Camron


Husband + Wife capturing the intimate and unposed.

We are wedding photographers because we think marriage is the best thing ever. We are best friends, coffee-lovers, night owls, road-trippers, youtubers, photographers and educators. Our heart is to see photographers capture intimate and unposed love stories and create a legacy for generations to come!

Based in Seattle, WA most of the year but regularly in Sydney, Australia!

  • What do you love most about what you do? Photographing weddings together is the greatest thing we've ever done. I mean, we love weddings so much we decided to have four - a reception in Sydney, a wedding in Seattle, an elopement in Alaska and another reception in Seattle! We value marriage so much we wanted to squeeze every ounce of celebration out of it that we could!

    You'll probably find us at a cafe, that couple in the corner with a flat white and a journal, writing down dreams and making plans. We are idealists (sometimes to our detriment!) thriving on possibility and opportunity. But we are also romantics, valuing beauty, intimacy and depth more than anything else.