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Anna Rachel Photographer


Intimacy. Meaningful human connection. Precious photographs.

I’ve always loved being creative, using my imagination, and working with my hands. My dad shared his passion for taking photos with me in my teenage years, and to him I attribute the beginning of my love for photography as a form of expression.

I hold a BVisual Arts majoring in Photomedia from the University of Sydney, and I’ve been taught and mentored by highly-regarded professional photographers in the industry. I love trawling Etsy and Pinterest for amazing design and style ideas, British crime fiction and Freakonomics. I also love cats. A lot. (But not in a crazy-scary sense; I don’t actually own a cat).

I live in Sydney, and I’ll photograph your wedding just about anywhere.

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? My alarm. :D

    Sorry. I couldn't resist.

    Shooting a wedding gets me out of bed like not many other things (I really mean that). Even if I'm doing an afternoon wedding, I still get nervous and excited that morning because I want to be there for my clients 110%, and I'm eager to get there with plenty of time to spare.