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Ann Bailey Live Event Painting


Live Event and Wedding Painting, Atlanta, Savannah and All Destinations, by original art portrait artist Ann Bailey

A live event wedding painting by Atlanta artist Ann Bailey.  What part of your event do you want to include?

Unique and entertaining, a live event artist will capture moments in your wedding and then create  a new composition to retell the magic of it all. This is a very popular way to remember your day!

Your guests can watch and mingle with the artist, and watch as the scene is created on the canvas. You will have a beautiful, glowing painting of memories of your wedding day to hang on your wall for years to come. Choose a Ceremony, First Kiss, or First Dance commemoration… The fine art piece will please and amaze you with intimate and grand details too important to overlook!


  • What is your best advice to couples planning their wedding? Agree about everything! Or at least agree about what you disagree on! Be sure you talk about all of the big AND little things going on, and everything important to you.

    Clear conversations now will be your strengths later.