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Amalthea Diamonds


Amalthea Diamonds delicately handcrafts exquisite, meaningful jewellery. Using superior metals, diamonds and craftsmanship we hand-craft your beautifully designed engagement ring and wedding bands to perfectly capture your love and commitment.

Amalthea Diamonds seeks to offer pieces that are nothing short of remarkable. Our clients seek a truly wondrous experience, where we design and create a piece that is as beautiful and unique as they are. We don’t just break the rules of jewellery design…. When it comes to creating with us, there are no rules.  Our clients create a little piece of extraordinary that holds true meaning and that they will love forever.  Amalthea Diamonds engagement rings are the epitome of this. Today, people are now wanting a more meaningful piece to give their loved ones in that special moment. A piece that says…. here is a little piece of me, just for you to keep, I love you, Will you be with me forever?  There’s nothing more romantic than receiving an engagement ring where the one you love has taken the time to design and create something so special just for you. It shows they care, it shows they think of you, its shows their love for you.

  • What do you love most about what you do? There are many facets (pardon the pun!) of my job that I love.

    I get to see how much love and time people put into their loved ones special pieces.

    The amount of time, effort and thought that is put into our rings by our male clients is phenomenal and when their partners come in to finally meet me to pick out their wedding bands they are blown away by how involved they are when they see them work through the process again.

    I also get to discuss the most romantic bit of the proposal which is often forgotten- the moment that brought them to me, the moment they decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their life with their partner. Sometimes Im the only person they've actually told or even spoken to about and its a real privilege to be a part of. They light up when they discuss their reason for being here and it really is a special time.

    Recently creating our Mothers Love custom rings has been tremendously fulfilling and special. To create such an amazingly meaningful, wearable piece of art that represents those that wear them is just so special.

  • What is your advice for a healthy, long lasting relationship? A healthy long lasting relationship doesn't just happen, it needs to be created and maintained. All relationships have ebbs and flows, your not always going to love each other sick or even like each other some days but in the same token the hard days, weeks or months wont last either. Ride out and support each other in the low times and enjoy the highs, there will be plenty of them.

    You need mutual respect, support and love. You need to put in the time, be flexible and understanding.

    Show each other that your thinking of them. It doesn't have to be a grand act of love, a simple - "I missed you today" or "hey I popped your towel in the dryer so it nice and warm for you when you get out of the shower" can really validate your love for them. Don't ever underestimate the power of touch either - everyone loves a cuddle or a cheeky bum tap!

    You need to know each other and yourself and make sure you enjoy each others time and company. Knowing yours and each others love language (5 languages of love) and personality traits (things such as Myers Briggs) allows you to identify areas you each may need to work a little harder on to ensure you fulfil each others needs, and may give you an insight into how to approach and deal with certain situations that may arise. This also allows you to control your emotions to gain better outcomes. It sounds very clinical but once you understand each other emotionally and have some idea on how each other thinks, your communication becomes better and sets a great foundation to build the rest of your future on. Good solid understanding and communication is key when kids come along.

    Having common dreams and aspirations but also supporting each others individual dreams. You need to be your own self outside of the relationship but be a working part of the relationship. Each individual is in charge of creating their own happiness. If we look to our partners or children to be the sole provider of our happiness then we will be continually disappointed and let down. You are in charge of your own happiness and when you make sure you're happy you are creating an environment of happiness.

    Enjoy being married to each other for a while and when kids come along don't put too much pressure on your relationship to stay amazing and perfect. Having kids is hard no matter how it looks from the outside. Be kind to each other and give it a few years - work together, share the load and just throw a lot of love and support around because its a crazy and exhausting time, but its also awesome and love filled and you'll come out of it stronger.